This year’s Rummage Sale Fundraiser was a very successful event and it was once again held at Valeria’s Market on the corner of Soto and Multnomah Streets on Saturday March 31st 2012.

The forecast for that day called for drizzle in the morning and proved to be extremely accurate. The morning started off with heavy drizzle and a near cancellation but eventually the sun broke and a steady stream of rummage sale shoppers stopped by to shop for bargain items of every sort. This was the third consecutive year that our fundraiser has been held at Valeria’s Market and for this reason, we offer a special “Thanks” to Tony and Lourdes Jimenez who have always been very generous and accommodating to our organization.

This event is always a suspenseful time too, since we are never sure what to expect in terms of donations but another tremendous “Thanks” goes out to the members of our community who stepped forward to support our HVPOA with a steady flow of donated items. Once the items were attained, it was up to the HVPOA “Busy Bees” to take charge with transporting those items. Thanks to Leonard M., Steven L., Ray R., and Charles C., for the muscle and the trucks to move these items. But the real thanks goes to Ruth R. and Lupe V. ( The brains behind the outfit) who did the outreach to our community and scheduled item pick ups. Lastly, we thank the community residents for all your support. The money raised is always used for positive community related activities such as the printing costs of this quarterly newsletter and donations to other community fundraisers. We thank the residents of Hillside Village for your continued support and we’ll see you next year. 

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