Picture1With the Soto Street/Mission Rd. bridge removal and intersection reconfiguration project officially complete as of late October 2017, City officials are now focusing on the second of three projects which will run southward along Soto Street ending at the Valley/Soto bridge.
On Wednesday August 2nd, City officials from Council Office 14, the Bureau of Engineering, and project consultants David Evans and Associates held their first of several community outreach meetings that are aimed to inform residents of the upcoming Soto Street widening project.
As part of a larger three project scope, the Soto Street widening project is the second of the three with the Soto/Valley Bridge widening concluding the three scheduled projects.
Although the three projects follow in secession, they are each funded separately through different sources. This middle section of the three is funded by Metropolitan Grant Fund of six million dollars combined with City of Los Angeles Sponsor Matching which totals approximately 9.2 million dollars for this project. The Soto/Mission Bridge Removal Project was funded with a Federal Highway Bridge Program Grant, City Matching Funds Prop G and Prop C, and a Metro grant.
The project description includes: to widen Soto Street to increase capacity; two southbound and two northbound traffic lanes, protected bicycle lanes at East and West sides, widen sidewalks on East and West sides, proposed retaining walls on the Eastern side
Residents in attendance raised many relevant concerns regarding the project. Some included the height and strength of the retaining walls as well as the city commitment to continue to maintain it once it is completed. Others questioned whether there would be closures during construction. City official’s response to residents was that just as the bridge removal project, there would always keep traffic lanes open. Yet others questioned if the city would give genuinely give resident concerns serious considerations in the molding of this project. The city’s response was yes and that their would be more opportunities in the near future for further resident input. City officials even shared that their would possibly be an opportunity to improve the Hillside Village sign on Soto and Multnomah Ave. Stay updated at: http